Examination System

a.  There will be 4(four)examinations ,one at the end of each semester.Duration of the Semester Period will be as follows:
      First and Third  Semester : June to December,
        Second and Fourth Semester : January  to May.
b.    A candidate for the examination shall be examined as per syllabi, where each written full paper shall be of 3 (three)hours’ duration.
c.    A candidate shall not be sent up for a semester examination if he/she has not attended at least  75%of the classes held for each subject including lectures, seminars ,tutorials and case analysis.
d.    Each paper shall carry 100 marks, out of which 30 marks shall be allocated to internal evaluation .
The minimum marks required for passing the examination shall be 40 per cent both in the internal evaluation and written examinations, in each paper separately.
Non-credit papers will be evaluated internally and grade will be awarded in lieu of marks. However ,grades of non-credit papers will not be counted for declaration of result.
e.    If  a candidate fails to secure pass marks in a subject paper in the internal evaluation ,he/she shall be debarred from appearing in the Term End Semester examination and he/she will have to seek re-admission into that semester when it is offered.
f.    A candidate shall submit a Summer Project study Report hereinafter referred to as the report,in duplicate to the head of the Dept. within 3 weeks of completion of the projects; generally by 20th August in the Third Semester period. The Report shall carry 100 marks in total out of which  30 marks be allocated or internal evaluation .The remaining 70 marks be divided into 50 marks for evaluation of the text of the report and 20 marks of Viva-Voce .The report  will be prepared under the guidance of a teacher of the Dept. who shall be referred to as the Guide for the purpose.The guide shall be selected by the Departmental Advisory Committee .The topic and the exact title of the report  shall be determined by the Guide in the consultation with the candidate concerned.
Each report shall be evaluated by two examiners including the Guide.The average of the marks awarded by the two examiners shall be mark awarded to he candidate on the text part of the report. The Viva-Voce examination shall be conducted jointly by the Guide and the external examiner. If the external examiner is not available the Head of the Dept. may appoint person to conduct the Viva-Voce examination.The Viva-Voce marks obtained by the candidate together with the average in the text shall be the final marks awarded to the candidate on he Report.
g.    A student who could not appear or failed in examination (i.e. securing F grade),will be allotted to clear the same as follows;
a.    First semester with the regular Third semester.
b.    Second semester with the regular  Fourth semester.

h.    If a candidate secure pass marks in the internal evaluation but has not cleared any of the semester examination then he/she will be allowed to appear in the next semester examination, but his/her final results after Fourth semester, will be kept with-held until he/she clear all the back log(F grade & minimum aggregate CGPA of 5)

i.    A student will be allowed to clear four semesters in maximum four years. He/she will not be allowed to take more than three chances in any semester.

j.    If a candidate fails in a semester examination ,the marks secured by ham/her in internal evaluation in each subject shall be carried over to the next semester examination; provided he/she obtains the minimum pass mark,which shall remain valid for two years only

Result: A candidate will be awarded MBA Degree on passing all the four-semester examinations.