Credit & Grading System

          1.Grading System

(a) Conversion of marks to grades:  Actual marks secured by a group of candidates in a particular                   

paper are converted into Relative Percentile (R) before conversion into Relative Letter Grades. The maximum Actual narks (i.e. Highest  mark)(M) secured in a particular paper is converted into 100% and other actual marks (A) secured  by the student of the same group are converted to the Relative Percentile.

        R=(100/M)XA where,   R=Relative Percentile

                                                 M=Maximum(Highest)marks in the class.

                                                 A=Actual marks of a student who passed i.e. if the actual  Mark is not less than 40%.     

(b)   Conversion Table for Relative Percentile into letter Grades and Grade points.


                                    Range of Relative percentage       Letter Grades           Grade point  

                                    90-100                                             A                             10

                                    75-89                                               B                             8

                                    60-74                                               C                             6

                                    45-59                                               D                             4

                                    40-44                                               E                              2

    If Actual marks is below 40%. F

*F means fail and must be repeated in the coming semesters.


c)Grade point average (GPA) is used as a numerical survey of academic achievement. First ,Grades are assigned to points in a 10 point scale as follows:

A=10 points , B=8 points, C=6 points, D=4 points, E=2 points ,F= 0 points.

Secondly ,the hours of credit for each courses are multiplied by the grade point value to determine the honour  points.The honour points are then added for all the courses / papers in a semester is then divided by the total no of credits.